Doctors at Coomera Town Medical Centre

Dr Mark Brunning – Associate Chiropractor

(Bach. Clinical Sc/Bach. Chiropractic Sc)

(Bach. Sc. Applied Biology)

Hi, my name is Dr Mark Brunning, I am proud and excited to be part of the North Lakes Chiropractic Team.   At a young age of only 15, suffering injuries relating to cricket and later on a motor vehicle accident, I quickly set on my path to become a chiropractor.  I owe my career to Dr George Stabelos whom is both a medical doctor and chiropractor, who inspired me and helped me realise my passion to help meet the health needs of my local community.

Having studied at Victoria University of Technology and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology completing Three Bachelor degrees, my career blossomed carrying me from the City of Melbourne to the rural areas of Ballarat servicing farmers, truck drivers and young families. Returning to England where I was born, I had the great pleasure and privilege to work within a senior community assisting the local residents with a range of different conditions.

The results of chiropractic care for myself and the many patients whom I have helped over my twenty year career, has been remarkable in helping reduce chronic pain and providing immediate relief for acute injuries.  I have asked myself and others why do we need to suffer in pain, or take medication for pain relief when quite often chiropractic care can make a big difference.  Quality of life and being pain free also has a direct affect on our mental state, feeling physically good also enables us to feel mentally relaxed.

Whilst utilising many techniques, each patient will have an individual treatment plan, you are not a number, but part of our chiropractic family. If you want someone to listen and understand you, I am here and please feel free to ask me anything that I may be able to help you with.