Doctors at Coomera Town Medical Centre

My full name is Jocelyn Sze-Man Yu.

I have been working in private practice and Indigenous community health settings since becoming a speech pathologist. I have gained experience working in metropolitan, regional and rural areas, such as Brisbane, Yamba, Maclean, Casino and Grafton. My clinical experience includes working with children and adults between the ages of 2 to 90, in the areas of speech, language, voice, fluency, swallowing and multi-modal communication across educational, clinical, hospital and home settings.

The vast experience has shaped my passion in caring for the paediatric and adult populations.

I believe communication is the key in building relationships and pursuing life goals. As every client has different needs, I am dedicated in delivering client-centred therapy service that is fun and motivating to bring out my client’s best potentials. I have special interests in early language development, speech sound difficulties and voice. Coming from a multilingual background, I am also passionate about working with culturally and linguistically diverse children. I am a fluent speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin.

Jocelyn holds certifications in the following therapy programs and techniques, but uses a combination of modern, research-based approaches when working with children, to suit each individual’s needs:

·         PECS Training level 1 and 2

·         Auslan One (Australian Sign Language) at Deaf Services Queensland

·         Hear and Say Worldwide Professor Donald Goldberg Workshop

·         Estill Voice Training Level 1 & 2